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Business Procedure

Usually, we are competitive in the cases when the Customer:

–  expects lower ranges of prices; or

–  needs extra urgent quote and/or first delivery; or

– requests quote on items to be made of rare, non-usual or out of standard materials, in relative low quantity (our opportunities on this are always case-depending);

furthermore, if

–      drawing(s) include very strict tolerances and other expectations on alloys, dimensions or other (eg. heat- or surface treatment) parametres;

–      manufacturing of item needs multifarious different technologies that can be connected within one site with difficulties only.

Obviously, ALL of the above expectations can simultaneously be fulfilled just very rarely…

We Opcio as a trading firm can start to play our role in the only case if we have Customers’

– drawing(s); formats can be: .pdf; .jpg; .gif; .dxf; .dwg; .igs; .stp;

– total and batch quantities needed, and

– eventual other conditions, requested by the Customer.

Our opinion is that best is if you spend some time and energy to answer all the relevant questions in our Questionnaire under option „Before RFQ”; this helps Opcio to find MUTUALLY optimal  solutions when quoting!

If any preliminary action is needed (like NDA, or Confidentiality Agreement, etc) then we will sign it up front;  we ensure the same sign of each involved manufacturer, without any further notice from Customer.

On basis of these data, using our database and our own experiences,  we request quotes from  the subsuppliers that we consider as most optimal ones for doing the particular job.

Average proportion of our received quotes to sent out RFQ-s is around 80%; we are never satisfied until having at least 3-4 (sometimes more) relevant, serious quotes from manufacturers.

We add a moderate own margin to best price collected and provide our quote to Customer accordingly.

When the Customer has brought decision, he notifies us on his point of view over our quote.  Will you please notify us even in case if on basis of our quote there is no chance to go into contract. We appreciate it very much if in negative case you provide us a short but substantive justification.

If you decide to order from us, then please include any and all conditions we agreed preliminarily.

We will send our order-confirmation within the shortest possible period of time.   Please take into consideration that before doing it we  have to receive our manufacturing partners’ confirmation.

On basis of our signed Agreement, our Customer – upon his wish – will have the opportunity to establish direct contact with our relevant manufacturer, including local auditing or discussing any technical and quality issues. Rest of questions should be discussed with us please.

Finished pieces will be shipped to our Customer by DPD (if our price was quoted DAP), unless 1 package unit weight exceeds 30 kg.



We never compete to our Customers!

In the following cases, as being not competitive there at all, we never quote/deliver:

–   unique shipments with total value under € 500 (except samples);

 –  half-products (solids, tubes, bars, plates etc);

 –  very simple parts with just small added value operations like lopping;

–   any units to be produced in too large series (e.g. personal car industry), except their tooling;

 –  standardised components (bearings, screws, nuts, raw keys, fittings etc);

 –  any type of completed, assembled, ready-to-use/sell end-products (please see examples by clicking here);

–   names and/or availabilities of manufacturers, up front.