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No.7. Quality

“Most decisive factor.

Quality Management and Assurance During the last decades East-Europe’s abilities to ensure reliable quality in each aspect, has grown significantly. We Opcio always and emphasizedly expect Zero Defect Policy from suppliers. Its Principal Purpose is by manufacturing in order to satisfy all the quality criteria as per drawing, according to normally ISO 9001, in some cases also other specified QA standards. Our steps to ensure it,

1. before quoting:
a) possibly most intensive analysis of received drawing(s) and related other technical information;
b) discussing and clarifying any eventual uncertainties with Customer;
c) selection of relevant Supplying Partners to be requested to quote the item, on basis of preliminary evaluating their QA abilities;
d) upon Customer’s expressed request (pls. see option „Before quoting”), calculating and quoting costs of:
da) preparing and documenting sample unit(s); db) preparing a written QC Plan; dc) involvement of external metrology expert, with specific QA technical instruments, like:
• 3 D measurement apparatus;
• thread gauges and thread form controllers;
• surface roughness and evenness tester;
• surface hardness tester (HV; HB; HR);
• thickness tester for anodizing, zincing, tinning, painting etc layers;
• physical (spectral) analysis of alloy components, both in small and large scale;
• ND Test (X-ray and ultrasound);

2. after receipt of Customer’s order:
a) clarifying who, how, where and when will all approve the materials’ and applied services’ certifications, and completing in-process and final dimensional control; b) organizing above 1.
da) … dc) steps.

3. together with delivery: providing all, preliminarily agreed QA documents to Customer.