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No.8. Final price-deadline factor

By our experience, on markets of mechanical engineering components too, the importance of PRICE factor has been significantly growing, year by year.
Mainly this is why Asia became the “world’s factory”. Without denying Asia’s manufacturers’ recent general improvement in quality (even having yet many info contrary to this statement), we can conclude that a minimum 4-weeks shipping time-need to West-Europe (compared to East-Europeans’) is their big disadvantage presently for not scheduled projects.

As a consequence of the above 8 factors, Opcio Ltd, as an East-European component-trader usually can be competitive for an EU-located project if the following preconditions apply: ”
– the concerning parts do not have too long ‘history’;” ”
– project series-size, and value of 1 pc (ie: the total value) does not justify Customer’s disproportionate cost- and time-intensive global offer-collection campaign;”
– time-horizon of initiating the project is not too long.

Finally, if a new or rather unusual technology is to be involved, Opcio may find relevant manufacturing solutions shortly and effectively. Some examples can be found here.